Protect the Environment

Energy EfficientSolar and Wind Powered Water Filtration
The Complete Pure system is so energy efficient that it can disinfect water for you off-the-grid when your location is without power.

The optional Alternative Energy upgrade includes a solar panel or wind turbine and everything you need to have safe water from your supply – even where electricity isn’t available.

This simple add-on is perfect for remote locations like:

  • Commercial boats
  • Lumber and mining camps
  • Second and third world locations
  • Disaster areas

Off the Grid Energy Efficient
Inferior water treatment products that you may have seen can waste thousands of gallons of water per month before requiring costly additives, maintenance, and salt.   In fact, a few competitors have failed so badly that some municipalities have outlawed them from being used or installed.

Once again, your Complete Pure system continues to disinfect your water to purity.  You will enjoy how your water is safe and delicious to drink day after day.

Bottled WaterFreedom From Plastic Bottles
Finally, your family will enjoy bottled quality water at your kitchen tap – no plastic bottle required.

When you stop using disposable plastic bottles, you protect what you would have used from being incinerated or getting buried in landfills.  You will save the soil from toxins.  Any poisons that could come from burning plastics won’t enter the air.

You will also be conserving fossil fuels because plastics are made from petroleum oil.  In fact, over 15 million barrels of oil are turned into billions of plastic bottles each year.  Nearly all of these bottles are quickly used and soon thrown away.

Conserve Fossil Fuels
If it doesn’t win you over to rescue oil products that Pure Water are used to make your bottle, imagine less fuel being consumed by the trucks, trains, and boats that transport bottled water to retailers.

If we were to stop transporting heavy and bulky products like bottled water, industry could require less fuel to carry smaller and more energy efficient loads.

Your Complete Pure system was designed to help your family appreciate safe, pure, and delicious tasting water as you remain responsible.
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